Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I used to eat 2 packets of oatmeal for breakfast with coffee. Doesn't sound too bad right? The Oatmeal is 8 points (not terrible, but really not a good choice). I had a little coffee with my creamer, about 6 TBS. I get 26 points for my day, this is pretty average for a woman. So spending 14 points on my breakfast was not going to work. I realized quickly that I needed to make my points count and the best way to do that is to focus on meat, veggies and fruit. I didn't have a bunch of extra time on my hands in the morning, but I decided scrambled eggs would be the best bang for my buck. 1 egg white is 0 points and you can have several egg whites for 1 point. I didn't really like the taste of just egg whites so I decided to do 2 whole eggs and 1 white to start off, then I weaned myself down to 1 whole egg and 2 whites. I'm not sure why I decided to try zucchini in my eggs, but I've eaten them for breakfast for the last 7 months and I love it! I slice it up spray in some pam non-stick spray to saute it. Once the zucchini is brown I put my eggs in and scramble them up. If I have other veggies I throw them in too, but most of the time I just throw a whole zucchini in there. The reason for the whole zucchini is to trick myself into thinking I'm eating a big portion.

Some days I just really don't have time to make anything, so I love the Special K breakfast sandwiches for those days. My favorite ones have eggs and peppers and pepper jack cheese. I've been known to put thinly sliced zucchini on the sandwich too. (I really like zucchini haha) When I'm away from home, omelets are the bomb! Restaurants are great about making them the way you want (egg wise), so I just ask for one whole egg and 2 whites then load it up with veggies and no cheese. I found that I didn't really miss the cheese that much it just made all the other flavors really stand out.

 There was no way I was going without coffee either or drinking it black. I weaned myself down to 3 tablespoons instead of 6. So my breakfast is 6 points. A few months into our diet my husband found Dunkin' Donuts creamer 3 TBS for 1 point! Sounds great, but it doesn't taste anything like my coffee mate. I came to the compromise of 3 TBS of Dunkin' doughnuts and 1 TBS of Coffee Mate. I have one cup in the morning and one cup at night with my dessert.. yep dessert, pretty much every night.

All these changes add up and make a huge difference!

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