Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Project Life pages

Some project life inspiration! I love Project Life and since my blog has become more about what I love I figure I should post a few pages! More to come.  I have 3 core kits coming in the mail today, I'm just slightly excited. =) Everyday Kit, Explore and Fine and Dandy. One for the boys (Explore), girls (Fine and Dandy) and Everyday for some more neutral cards to mix in. YES!

I've been having a hard time getting my boys in front of the camera. Something about getting older that does that to them... but I just ordered some sweet bow ties, so I will be forcing the issue. =)). 

 Confetti Kit: loads of bright and bold.

I love these newborn pictures of the girls! Favorite things Kit and This and That

 This page was featured here: www.beckyhiggins.com 
Along with some other really awesome pages by other members of the Project Life Creative Team.
Favorite Things Kit, Explore and This and That.

 I'm really proud of these parade pictures, my first time taking night pics in manual. YES! The Paint the night parade in Disneyland is awesome! Favorite Things, Confetti and Be Fearless Kits.

Maggie Holmes Edition Kit and Notes and Things 
#2 Design L & A, Christmas Wishes Value Kit
This one is a little blurry, I'm still learning how to take really good pictures of my pages. Here's to growth!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Hippity hop!!

This morning the girls tried on their easter dresses. Some adorable hand-me-downs from cousins. Two totally different dresses, super cute in their own ways.. like my girlies. We tried them on just to make sure they fit. Last time I didn't try a dress on the girls before the event it ended up being a shirt.... not a dress. But man Lauren rocked that shirt like no other! She'd be cute in anything.

I figured while they had their cute dresses on we might as well do a quick photo shoot! haha I mean, you don't get dressed up for nothing right!

While editing these photos I realized I got my settings wrong on my camera and had to do a lot of editing. I was able to fix some, but not all.  I was super bummed, but I'm giving myself grace. I am still learning and the photos are still cute because of who's in them. I'm trying to brainstorm a manly Easter backdrop for my boys once their cute Easter outfits come in.

 We set up the self timer on this one, turns out the orange flashing light gets her to smile better than my bunny ears and funny singing. Go figure!