Friday, March 27, 2015

19 months

The girls are 19 months, 16 months adjusted. Starting to walk, talk and dance. The fun is just beginning. I really love that they start coming into their own personalities. This new stage is one of my very favorites. I'm a month late on taking pictures because the girls got really sick with RSV the week that I was going to take their pictures. (not that anyone wants to hear my excuses)

Always amazes me to see the 100's of ideas on my Pinterest board and then when I got out there.. I just started rolling with the punches, whatever they would allow. To hell with the pinboard, what can I get. I just want one good one! I love how they turned out, so perfectly them.

I had rushed through the editing process because I was so excited, only to notice I had over edited a few of the pictures and missed a few gems. Like this first one. Loved taking these pictures so much. Do what you love and lots of it!


 Miss Lauren was less than thrilled about taking pictures, but she's so darn cute.

 I love this one, it is so them. Lauren with her little nose scrunched up. They're watching their brothers goofing around. I'm pretty sure the boys got in trouble for making them look the other way.

 My personal favorite!

The end

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