Friday, September 19, 2014

What's for dinner?

Life can get pretty crazy around the Coe household. Dinner kept sneaking up on me so we sat down and planned out the days of the week. We sat down with our boys and let them pick their favorite dinners. Gavin picked breakfast dinner, which everyone loved the idea of. Monday's are hard so Monday's are breakfast because it's easy. Usually we have pancakes, Gavin and I either have banana or blueberry. We decided that Tuesday had to be Tacos (lego movie), which can be straight up tacos, taco soup or fish tacos (my fav). Aidan picked hamburger night, which I also love. Thursday has been named WHATEV night or grill night. Friday is little caesar's pizza night. Two slices of pepperoni is 15 points.

I love  having a set meal schedule, it makes grocery shopping so much easier. Have I told you that planning and being organized is so important when dieting?  Well it is. =) If I know it's pizza night then I don't eat any extra points, I stick to core foods. We're pretty flexible so if we don't feel like Taco Tuesday then we ditch it for the night. The only night that we can't ditch is breakfast dinner night, the kids love it too much.

I would highly recommend a meal plan, wish I would have implemented it earlier. Also if you can pick a broad type of meal like grill night I think it's easier to stick with and not get bored. We leave weekends open for going out to eat or whatever we feel like having. =)

I don't have a picture for this post so how about a cute one of my boys at the fair. Love these little stinkers.

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