Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fish Tacos

Easy Fish Tacos is one of my favorite dinners, mainly because it's easy.  About 11 Points

You will need:

Fish Sticks  Costco 4 pieces is  6 points (trident is the brand) / Gordon's 4 pieces is 5 points
Bag of coleslaw without dressing
Hard or soft taco shells both are around 4 points for 3 shells
Olive Oil Mayo
Lemon Juice
pinch of sugar

Gordon's Fish Sticks are lower in points than my Costco fish sticks, but the Costco ones are bigger. For the points I like the Costco ones best. Cook up the fish sticks, I just about burn mine on purpose because they taste better that way to me.  Make up your slaw, by putting about half the bag in a bowl with 2 spoonfuls of Olive Oil Mayo a squirt of lemon juice and a pinch of sugar. I don't count the pinch of sugar against myself. Mix it all up, if it needs a little more mayo I would add it without going overboard. Now that I'm in maintenance mode I buy the kind with dressing, I have no idea how many points it is. Warm up your tortillas two fish sticks per tortilla and add coleslaw. Yummy!

 One night I didn't have coleslaw, but had to have fish tacos. At Fred Meyer's in the frozen food section they sell a corn, black bean, onion and pepper mix. I love the stuff, no idea how many points it is, probably 1-2 per serving. I love to put it on regular tacos so we tried it one night on the fish tacos with a 1/2 greek yogurt 1/2 salsa mix (also a great salad dressing that is cheap on points).. really good! I'm sure there are lots of other toppings you could do!

Picky Kid note: I often get asked if my kids eat our healthy food too. Yes they do! My youngest boy loves to eat what we're eating, but my oldest is pretty picky. I will say he's come a really long way from his yogurt, oatmeal and Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich days. I just make up some tater tots and serve him fish sticks and tots for dinner. If I remember I also hold out some of the coleslaw without sauce for him. Boom, everyone is happy! Including me because I usually have forgoten to de-thaw dinner.

On a side note this could be a really cheap point meal if you used non-breaded fish.

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