Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Love Burgers!

Oh, how I love summer time and burgers! No defrosting required, score! 13 point dinner.

Okay, lets break down the points/ingredients. 

Kroger (Freddy's brand) Wheat Bun 3 points
 hamburger patty 7 POINTS (Turkey patty is only 4 points)
Grilled onions  FREE
 1 Tablespoon of Barbecue Sauce 1 point 
Lettuce FREE

I get my hamburger patties from Dick Howard's meat market, my local butcher. If you don't buy your meat from your local butcher, I would highly suggest you start. Besides supporting local, they sell better meat for cheaper. Huh... sounds like a no brainer right, it is! The ground chicken at the grocery store is 4-6 dollars per pound, it's $2.60ish per pound. 

Corn on the Cobb 2 points (yep, corn isn't free. I started boiling the corn for less time and it is so sweet and crunchy. I put a little salt, but no butter. I know, I love butter too. )
Not enough food? What about watermelon? Cantaloupe? Strawberries?  FREE

Pickles are 0-1 point depending if you like those nasty things.. which I don't. =) 

This is one of my personal favorite meals, simple and good. Also a kid favorite, which is important. 

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