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The secret to not feeling hungry in between meals is zero point snacks. When we first started out I would eat a banana for my morning snack and an apple and/or carrots for my afternoon snack. The first few days were rough because my stomach was so stretched out from eating way too much food. So I ate as many veggies/fruits as needed to fill the void. If I need to go to the store and only have bananas then I eat bananas for my snacks, no big deal. Some days I don't need my morning snack, which is good because even though it's "free" it's really not. It all makes a difference.

When I was working often there was yummy treats on the back counter, some I could pass up and some I could not. If I had to try something I would still have it, but just have enough for a bite or two, not a whole piece. This is when those Fiber One brownies would have been nice to have in my desk.

FREE STUFF (there are lots more fruits and veggies that are free, this is just what I like to eat)

Apples (no peanut butter, you'd be shocked how many points that stuff is!)
Snap peas
Purple cabbage (sliced up)

No canned or dried it adds points, but if you have to they sell fruit cocktail in juice and it is 1-2 points for the whole can. You can't always have fresh produce so I keep a few cans on hand. I saw on Weight Watchers that they make the mixed fruit in water, but I have yet to find it.

Some days the zero point stuff doesn't hack it and I'm just hungry so here are a few of those ideas.

7 Almonds = 1 point
7-8 small pretzels =1 point
Hot cheese (Weight Watchers jalapeno string cheese) = 1 point
Jerky (depends on the kind that you like and how much)

A few days ago I decided to eat a small handful of chocolate teddy grahams (graham crackers are a weakness of mine). My husband informs me they were 2 points for just a few! What?!?! I could have had a brownie instead, I totally should have. =)  Maybe I should change the title of this blog to my love for Fiber One Brownies.

Happy Snacking!

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